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"In Sparrow: The Night Ends, T.T. McGil expands the mystery that begins with Sparrow: The Water's Edge. It's a story that surprises with a lot of twists and turns."

George Tarrant - Screenwriter

“Sparrows’ self-absorbed realness is refreshing!”


Camika Spencer - Best Selling Author & Award Winning Playwright 


“…this book is one you should read on your own, from start to finish. You deserve it. Absolutely…. it is such an absolute page turner. Intense, Nail-biting yet satisfying, this story is a perfect mix of what you’ll need for a good evening of fiction.

This is my first book of the author, and I cannot wait to get my hands on her prequel, and hopefully any sequel(s)... Dr Sparrow Mack cannot end here.”

Dr. Harini P. Murali -

“What a great review of your book. We got ourselves the second coming of Steven King all wrapped in black girl magic ya’ll. Mad props and big ups to you!!!

Buddy Lewis - Actor, Comedian, and Writer


"Just read it! Wow! Very suspenseful Sparrow finds herself entangled in a web that tries to drown her in despair and unforeseen situations."

Ara McGee - Senior Marketing Executive in Radio