How far can a friendship be stretched?


At every turn, you are haunted by the decisions you make…


Retribution. Angst. Supplication. Entangled with regret, causes you to question all you thought you knew!



Dr. Sparrow Mack’s storybook life explodes when the echoes of Luke, her childhood best friend, past comes to kill, steal and destroy any and everything connected with him. Forged into one of the darkest periods of her life, in addition to be a physician and best-selling author, she is thrust into self-proclaimed heroism as dire circumstances catapult her into being detective. Can she survive the blood infested waters of her tormented soul?


“Sometimes the one’s we think we know best, end up being the ones who surprises us the most.”

Alexis Salinas—Branding & Digital Creator-Marketer (


“T.T. McGil is a mystery and suspense author that is grabbing the attention of readers leaving them wanting more. Sparrow: The Water’s Edge is the first in the Sparrow Mystery Series and it’s sure to capture the hearts and minds of all who graces its pages.”

Kym Whitley—Actress, Comedian & Author


“Sparrow: The Water’s Edge is a really good book. I loved the friendship dynamic and how it’s put to the test!”

Josh Lewis—Founder-CEO of Updown App Inc. (


“Sparrow: The Water’s Edge is a fast-paced mystery/thriller written with a modern sensibility. With each scene the reader is drawn further into the story and develops and increasingly close affinity for the main character, Sparrow. The ‘fish out of water’ story of a doctor, fueled by loyalty to her friend who seeks in earnest to solve the mystery of his murder, keeps its audience on the edges of their seats. Highly recommended reading.”

Dr. Lakshmi Emory—Physician & Health Executive


“Dr. Sparrow Mack, Wow! Take notes as you sit in the passenger seat on an adventure through life’s choices and consequences. If you LOOK you just might FIND intrigue & Suspense awaits.”

Peace Within


“T.T. McGil has served up a. fresh novel with an ambitious and witty protagonist who readers will love keeping up with!”

Camika Spencer—Best Selling Author & Award-Winning Playwright


“The book is phenomenal! Definitely a great read!”

Willie Tallie—Actor & Comedian (IG,FB,TikTok,YouTube:WillieTallie)


“Phenomenal first book by author T.T.McGil. A Thriller, recommend by a friend. Our book club read it and enjoyed every minute of it. Every chapter from the beginning to the end, keeps you enticed.

Reshawn Jones-Browning—Avid Reader


T.T. McGil is the dynamic mystery suspense author of the intriguing Sparrow Mystery Suspense Thriller Novel Series. Her first book in the series, Sparrow: The Water’s Edge, has been sold at Essence Festival, featured on a literary book tour, debuted on stage and has been screen-written ready for production. T.T.McGil answered the call of The Sparrow Hive of followers, with the sequel Sparrow: The Night Ends and Chronicles of the Weight Breaker’s. Buckle up for an unpredictable ride with this writer who, with every page you turn, cause you question your own reality!


T.T. McGil calls home in the great Midwest, surrounded by devoted family and friends. T.T. McGil is honored to be, Your Author!

Sparrow: The Waters Edge