Affirmations To Stay Encouraged

Affirmations to stay encouraged when the weight of the maze of life is on you and the scale is not your friend and your convinced it has a mind of its own, making you want to throw it out the window!

GOD, ARE THESE 10 POUNDS STORED IN THE CLOUD? Is a question that I truly asked God on more than one occasion. It was as if those 10 pounds were stored in the cloud, ready and willing for me to smell the aroma of chocolate chip cookies fresh out the oven, lick the icing off of a cupcake, or even walk by the bakery section in the grocery store, and instantly start to feel the pounds trickle down from the cloud waiting and willing to pounce on me and attach to my abdomen, hips and thighs. Yes, this thought process rotated in my world and that is what I felt existed in my reality. I truly realized that the my perception of my life experiences was a direct correlation to what was manifesting in my physical health. There was two types of weight, physical weight and proverbial life weight. And in order to be successful, I had to look them both in the eyes and confront them.

GOD, ARE THESE 10 POUNDS STORE IN THE CLOUD? Vision, Faith, & Resilience in The Encouragement Pathway, is my way of sharing nuggets that helped me in my maze of multi-dimensional weight loss journey.

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