Doctor Me First Podcast by Erinn Weisman

Episode 67 Resilience through Mystery Writing with Dr. Teresa Wesley

Teresa Wesley MD (pin name: TT McGil) is an internal medicine administrative physician by day and mystery writer by night. Dr. Wesley shares in this podcast how she got started on her writing journey, why she believes there are 2 types of people, how self-care is essential to all and tells us more about her book Sparrow: The Water’s End.

Doctor Me First Podcast Featuring T.T. McGil - Errin Weisman
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In an interview, T.T. McGil and Kym Whitely talk with Shay Moore and Brian B. Shynin about Sparrow: The Waters Edge Book Enactment/Stage Play.

Hot 103 Jamz InterviewTT McGil & Kym Whitley
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In an interview, Today’s Purpose Woman publisher Sherrell Valdezloqui has the honor of getting to know the heart of T.T McGil and the purpose of her book “Sparrow: The Water’s Edge”.

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