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New age fiction on fire! The story line pulls you in and holds you captive, leaving you shocked horrified and wanting more. Sparrow: The Night Ends, is a riveting saga of the mires of the invisible yet tangible forces that binds the human spirit through the beauty of life, all the while seemingly casting a web of infinite uncertainty, strife, long suffering and guilt that entangles the characters in this mystery suspense thriller series. Sparrow: The Night Ends, has been classified as a masterpiece tale that illustrates the full boldness of regret and restitution. And each devoted reader gets a front row seat to view what happens next, since the cliffhanger, in Sparrow: The Water’s Edge.

T.T. McGil is your author that listens to her readers’ and is thrilled to engage with them at Essence Festival, book signings, and select authors commentary platforms. The Sparrow Mystery Suspense Thriller Novel Series, continues to build and layer the characters and story lines, to make the reader a participant in these intriguing saga’s, while inducting each new reader into the hive of T.T. McGil followers. Sparrow: The Night Ends, the sequel to Sparrow: The Water’s Edge-which is being adapted for screen, is one journey that you don’t want to miss, it will pull you in and leave you anticipating the next gut-wrenching epic challenges that attempt to thwart the endeared characters in the Sparrow Mystery Suspense Thriller Novel Series.

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How far can a friendship be stretched?

At every turn, you are haunted by the decisions you make…

Retribution. Angst. Supplication. Entangled with regret, causes you to question all you thought you knew!

Dr. Sparrow Mack’s storybook life explodes when the echoes of Luke, her childhood best friend, past comes to kill, steal and destroy any and everything connected with him. Forged into one of the darkest periods of her life, in addition to be a physician and best-selling author, she is thrust into self-proclaimed heroism as dire circumstances catapult her into being detective.  Can she survive the blood infested waters of her tormented soul? Will she find resolve at the water’s edge?

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When smart, witty women from different backgrounds life go awry, through a chance encounter they help each other put the pieces together again, with the help of a motivational podcast and book, 

Think Like A. Weight Breaker. Not Like A Weight Taker.

In this book you will witness bold women who take a chance on themselves for once, unleashing their power when they decide to change their trajectory. A Spin-Off Novel from the Sparrow Series by, T.T. McGil, there are cameos by endeared character’s, Dr. Sparrow Mack, Tabitha Blanko, and Abigail Lancaster. In addition, you will be introduced to new amazing sister-friends whom you will welcome into your tribe as they thrive towards self-actualization and being the very best version of themselves. Buckle up for an epic sister-friend mind-boggling encounter as you will identify with these brilliant women of all hues, shapes, backgrounds, and candor, while developing an affinity for each of their own uniqueness, being able to recognize a little bit of each of them in you.