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Fresh from the cliffhanger scene at in the first proclaimed book in the Sparrow Mystery Suspense Thriller Series by adored author T.T. McGil, Sparrow: The Water’s Edge, physician, author and self-proclaimed detective, Dr. Sparrow Jones Mack, your leading lady,  walks directly  into an arena of terror in the opening scene of Sparrow: the Night Ends. Dr. Mack continues to be magnetically thrust into the unseen galaxy of mayhem. All of her life, she is been thought to be the fixer in the insurmountable chaos of the Luke and Sparrow drama and in this book the reader is invited to scratch the surface to see what haunting lies beneath. All the while combating her own personal demons and shameful history, Dr. Sparrow Mack must unravel the outrageous puzzle of her past, while forging through the marshy grass of life to survive. Will they make it to see another day?